More Alternative News Sources Than You Can Shake A Controller At!

If you’re looking for an information alternative when it comes to the daily news, your options are nearly limitless. Gone are the days of the Newsies and our interest in the daily newspaper. In today’s world, we’re even challenging our trust in the major news networks. Enter: alternative news sources. And- these are everywhere.

Despite the rampant rise of “fake news” flooding the digital highways, a whopping 44% of American’s get their daily news intake from their social media feeds (according to Pew Research 2016). The vast majority of that is focused on Facebook with 67% of American’s hoping on the book of faces everyday.

Facebook is essentially a search engine that can supply any number of news sources that the user subscribes to. So, you can still get your news from traditional media outlets like CNN or MSNBC via Facebook, but there are a whole host of other options. The Huffington Post, Breitbart, Good News, Truth Teller, and Media Survivor are just a few offering different perspectives.

There are a lot of specialized news sources on Facebook as well. If you’re interested in news surrounding mental health, you might follow “The Mighty.” If you’re looking for something that points you towards saving or making money,“The Penny Hoarder Jobs” has mountains and mountains of articles pointing you in the right direction. Want religious news? There are sources for every sect. There are even craft news channels like, “Nifty Outdoors” by Buzzfeed, region specific news sources like “Only in Pittsburgh,” and for the Prepper at heart, “NewsPrepper,” just in case you need to know how to bug out!

So, maybe Facebook land isn’t your thing. Don’t despair! You’ve still got some company with the other 56% of Americans & you can bet that someone is playing to them! NPR, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and a whole world of podcasters take one side of the fence or the other in a talk showdown. So, spin the dial and see who tickles your fancy.

Maybe you want some laughs to go along with your news. For that, you’re either going to have to stay up late- or grab a playback, because it’s all on late night talk shows. Surprising, but true, in recent years late night talk shows are getting their best ratings out of making jokes about the news. It’s actually been noted that the late night shows are doing a BETTER job of covering the daily news than the traditional news outlets! How’s that for ironic?

So, whether you’re disappearing down the rabbit hole wonderland of Facebook, subscribing to a specialized news source, tuning in for a daily podcast or talk radio show, or getting your late night news giggles, you’ll be duly informed on the day’s happenings.

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